Is your book calling you? Do you long to share your wisdom with a wider community? Do you have a story idea that won’t stop nagging at you? Do you just know that your journey will inspire and uplift others?

You want to write and publish your book – or books – and get them out into the world. It’s part of your heart’s deepest calling to join the ranks of the authors who have helped transform your life with their words. You want the “expert” status that being an author provides. You know that your book will change lives, uplift people, and help make the world a better place.

And those muses can be insistent.

Your book just won’t stop whispering in your ear.

Maybe you even have part of a manuscript on your hard drive, or pages of notes that you’ve been saving.

BUT…and there are a lot of “buts” for those of us called to the writing life…

  • How will you carve out the time to write your book?
  • Do you need an outline?
  • Can you even write a whole book?
  • Will it be any good?
  • What happens once you’ve got your first draft?
  • How will you get your book published?
  • Isn’t being a successful author a one-in-a-million shot?
  • Where on Earth do you begin?!

In some ways, it’s easier than ever before to get your book into the hands of your readers. You can, if you choose, bypass the gatekeepers of big traditional publishers. You can become part of the new world of successful independent authors. Your book can inspire your readers, help you create a community of changemakers, and light a fire under your chosen career.

But the details quickly get overwhelming – and can freeze you in place. (Then you’re doing nothing to bring your book to life.) Things like:

  • How do you know when your book is “good enough” to publish?
  • Is your book idea viable, or does it need to be further developed?
  • How do you write an outline and still stay open to creative inspiration?
  • What are the elements of an inspiring book or captivating story?
  • Where do you find the time to write regularly?
  • What about editing?
  • Not to mention formatting your manuscript for publication….

The whole thing can be so overwhelming that you just throw up your hands – and let your poor book languish in the depths of your laptop or desk drawer. You don’t return your muse’s calls. Your creative inspiration begins to fade.

It’s not a good feeling.

Becoming an author doesn’t mean you have to work alone – bringing a book into the world is a team effort.

You need a midwife, to assist with the birth of your book. I can help.

I am a published author of several books – in both the indie and traditional publishing realms. I’m also a lifelong bookworm and word lover, with experience helping fellow indie authors along the path to publication. I offer a full range of services, from idea development and creativity coaching to content editing to line-editing, proofreading and formatting.

Are you ready to finally stop just thinking about the book within you, and actually create the book you’ve been dreaming of writing? Are you ready to FEEL like a “real” author?

Be part of a growing community of aspiring authors who are choosing to bring life to their heart-felt books. Click here for your complimentary 30-minute consultation.

What Nikki’s clients are saying:

Nikki was involved in a substantial way in the early stages of my novel Felix Yz, which was first a serial web-fiction, then a self-published book, and then a conventionally published book. During the first two self-produced stages, Nikki provided thorough and insightful editorial help and crucial creative support. She was a joy to work with: prompt, professional, patient, and cheerful. I firmly believe one of the reasons my book got published was that it got better through the stages of its development, and Nikki had a significant role in that. I highly recommend her services. – Lisa Bunker, author of Felix Yz

Dear Writers, we all need a little help now and again. Some of us are really good in some aspects of the craft, and weaker in others. A few years ago I finished my first full-length novel, Flight of the Wren and I hired Nikki Shields to review my manuscript for technical and stylistic errors. I am a very good speller, and have excellent sentence and paragraph construction. Nikki found quite a few places where my use of quotation marks was rather inventive, and referenced me to some useful reading so I could learn the many, many acceptable, and the even more numerous unacceptable ways to use quotation marks. Beyond that, she found several repeated words; not like like, or something something, but as if I had a certain word stuck in my head, and it would reappear numerous times in the same few paragraphs or pages. She gave me some very helpful advice on the direction of my story, and how to manage the tangle of the four main plot threads.

Her work was punctual, precise, and delivered with a generous helping of kindness and compassion. I found that the work Nikki produced for me was well beyond my expectations. As I move toward the inevitable-seeming self-publishing option, I will once again use Nikki as a resource for platforming, marketing, and product presentation. I cannot recommend her services highly enough. – Bowen Swersey, author of Flight of the Wren