Writing Without Limits: 10,000 Words in 5 Days

Writing Without Limits: 10,000 Words in 5 Days

Write in supportive community, free from distractions & resistance.

A Virtual Writing Retreat for creative dreamers & heart-centered entrepreneurs, like you!

WHEN: JUNE 10-14, 2019

WHERE: From the comfort of your own home or favorite coffee shop

Get momentum on your big book idea and get a chunk of it written in just one week – in two hours per day!

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What would it be like if you had the feedback, support, and structure to get the first 10, 000 words of your book DONE?

What’s stopping you from writing the book idea that the muses have been whispering in your ear?

You’ve got a full life, with work, family, and responsibilities up the wazoo. Yet your book idea keeps calling you. You wonder how – and when – to get started. But it never quite becomes a priority.

Then there are the fears that creep in – that your writing will actually be terrible, that someone else has already written your idea (probably better), and that if you wait any longer, your story idea will evaporate into the wind. So you sit down to write – and end up staring at that blank page.

You wish you could translate your heartfelt wisdom and stories into words that delight and inspire.

I’m Nikki Starcat Shields — writer, book midwife, and your official “write the damn book” cheerleader.

I’ve been exactly where you are today. It took me years to finally begin writing the book ideas that kept nagging at me.

And there were plenty of ideas – but life was always crazy-busy, and that plus fears and lack of self-confidence held me back. Luckily, the muses were persistent.

Now I’m the author of four published non-fiction books, and I’m in the middle of writing a contemporary fantasy series. Through trial and error, I’ve discovered how to write books – and I’d love to share that wisdom with you.

In my work as a book midwife, I specialize in bringing your unique voice – your expertise, your passions, your most cherished stories – to the page in a way that will engage and delight your readers.

The only way you can do that, though, is to actually WRITE.

Here’s one of the keys I’ve found to successfully writing your book draft – when you make a commitment (to someone or something beyond the privacy of your own mind), then you’ll actually DO THE WORK.

Writing an entire book feels like a huge – and solitary – task. But actually, done with intention, focus, and support, it doesn’t have to take over your whole world. You can write your deepest wisdom, your most powerful stories, from the heart – with support.

…. That’s why I created this Writing Without Limits virtual writing retreat.

Register Now for $77!

SPEND 5 DAYS WITH ME AND I’LL MAKE SURE YOU WRITE 10,000 WORDS – without wanting to set your laptop on fire and throw it out the window!

Here’s how it works:

In this butt-in-chair, hands-on-keyboard virtual writing retreat, we’ll work together in creative community to begin bringing your book idea to life.

Each weekday, from JUNE 10-14, 2019, you’ll receive an email from me with the day’s focus and ideas for preparing to work on your book.

From 9-11am Eastern, we’ll meet up via Zoom (using your computer or phone) to get centered, then we’ll WRITE. (And YES, you’ll be writing your 2,000 words each day during this 2-hour time slot. I’ve got your back.)

You’ll be able to post your questions, requests for feedback, and stuck places in a private Facebook group, or email them directly to me, for assistance.

You’ll receive:

    • Guidance in building a regular writing habit.
    • Encouragement as we write together, in virtual community.
    • Gentle but firm accountability to keep your head in the game.
    • Feedback on your idea, if you choose to share it.
    • Writing sprints and word count goals (2,000 words per day, anyone? You’ve got this.).
    • Help getting unstuck when you hit those moments of staring at the page.

We get started in June, when we’re halfway through 2019 and you STILL haven’t made much progress on your book idea. Don’t let the busy summer season kick in without getting started!

All you need to do now is to commit to the birth of your book. I’ll lead you through the process of actually writing it.

Register Now for $77!

Ready? Join me for the Writing Without Limits Virtual Writing Retreat and get the first 10,000 words on the page – even if  you’ve struggled for months to get started – plus build the momentum you need to actually finish your draft.

Monday June 10-Friday June 14, 2019.

Register Now for $77!

Not sure where to even begin with your book idea? Your purchase includes a recording of my Flexible Outlines for Writers Who Hate Planning workshop.

I’ll lead you in crafting an outline or plot template for your book, SO THAT when you arrive at the virtual retreat you’ll be ready to bring your book to life.


Who is this for?

YOU – if you have  a book idea but struggle to actually make writing it a priority. Heart-centered entrepreneurs, creative dreamers, and wise beings who aspire to giving birth to their ideas in the form of a book.

What time does it start/end?

We’ll write together during the week of June 10th, 2019. Each morning from 9-11am Eastern, you’ll join the community writing session. If that time slot doesn’t work for you, you can still check in with myself and the other participants around your writing schedule.

What can I expect to achieve during the day?

You’ll get 2,000-2,500 words written each day, in a two-hour chunk of time. That makes 10,000-plus words over the course of the week, which is a significant chunk of your book manuscript.

What if I’ve been REALLY blocked on my book and struggling to write at all?

Well, that’s what I’m here for – I’m stocked up with writing tips and idea for getting unstuck. You’ll receive support that’s customized to your particular situation.

What if I don’t know what my book is about?

You can use the bonus workshop, Flexible Outlines for Writers Who Hate Planning, to brainstorm and organize your ideas so that you can get started.

Register Now for $77!