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Starcat’s Write Stuff

Hey there! So glad you’ve found Starcat’s Write Stuff. We’re here to explore the art & craft of writing a book, whether or not you’ve ever done it before, in a way that’s fun and accessible. Whether you long to write your first book, you’re already a published author, or you just want to find some fun new books to read, you’re welcome here.

Friday, November 1, 2019: Jennifer Moore

I’m so thrilled to present this deep-dive interview with my friend and client Jennifer Moore. She’s the author of Empathic Mastery: A 5-Step System to Go from Emotional Hot Mess to Thriving Success. She is, as she says, “a card-carrying empath,” and through a lifetime of learning, has developed a system for those of us who are considered “highly sensitive.” Her book is a life-saving, must-read manual for empaths. We’ll hear about her journey as a reluctant writer who is now the author of a best-selling book.

Find Jennifer Moore and her book at Empathic Mastery or on Instagram or Facebook. Visit Empathic Woman to take Jen’s quiz and discover your empathic type.

More about Jennifer Moore: Jennifer Moore is author of the just-released Amazon Bestseller Empathic Mastery, she’s one of the 18 Master Trainers for EFT International here in the United States, and she’s a mentor and healer for other highly-sensitive intuitive women.

A sensitive from birth, Jennifer comes from a long line of high-strung, world-class awfulizers. With many fits and starts, struggles with sugar cravings, and a chronic habit of people pleasing, Jen eventually found solutions that work for her and developed the Empathic Mastery System. Supporting lightworkers, creatives and unicorn entrepreneurs to use their abilities for good is her greatest passion.


Friday, September 27, 2019: Chase Young

This month’s interview is with my friend and colleague Chase Young. She’s the founder of the Mommy Rebellion, and author of the book by the same name. Chase is a modern-day Erma Bombeck, and her essays on parenting are laugh-out-loud funny. In our interview we talk about finding time to write in the midst of family life, how to prioritize your interests and dreams as a busy Mom, and “interrupting chickens.” Fittingly, there’s even a cameo appearance by Chase’s youngest daughter!

Find Chase Young and her book online at The Mommy Rebellion or on Instagram or Facebook.

More about Chase Young: Chase Young is an author, Girl Scout Leader, entrepreneur, maker and mother to four (almost five) daughters currently 13, 11, 7 & 5.  She is the author of The Mommy Rebellion: Brutal Honesty About Motherhood and Other Sh*t We Pretend We Love Everything About.  Chase wrote this book because she was tired of hearing how tired all the mothers in her community were feeling.  Of having discussions about how you can ask for help and it can get better and just getting back blank stares.  Because there is a another way and most mothers have more in common than not.  When not writing you can find Chase helping to run their small homestead, knitting, sewing, quilting and homeschooling her kiddos.

Friday, August 30, 2019: Winter Fox

I’m delighted to kick off the series with an excellent author and a longtime friend, Winter Fox. As a reader, I’m enjoying Winter’s fun and thought-provoking Grace Coffin series of books. Winter has a lot of valuable advice for writers around finding your “big why,” fitting writing into a busy schedule, getting useful reader feedback, and the tricky prospect of writing about the small town where you live.

Find Winter Fox and his books online at Winter Fox Books or on Amazon or Facebook.

More about Winter Fox: Winter is an Aquarian Fire Horse, born in 1966. At age ten, he built a bed on stilts so he could have a reading nook underneath. There, he spent many a night up past bedtime, reading the works of Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ursula LeGuin, and Marion Zimmer Bradley. Winter studied literature at Colgate University and took a January course on novel writing, but it wasn’t until twenty five years later that he returned to his desk to pen another novel.

In 2018, he was inspired to write the three “Grace Coffin” novels, moved by the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. In March of 2019, he enrolled in Mark Dawson’s ‘Self Publishing Formula’ class and has spent the rest of the year building a publishing platform. He just released the third Grace Coffin novel on Amazon, and now has over 500 mailing list subscribers.

Winter has worked over the years as a gardener, cook, flute maker, stilt walker, carpenter, painter, and stone mason. He hopes to ‘retire’ as a writer and publisher and has another series of books to edit for publication next year.