Get That Book Out of Your Head Virtual Week

Get That Book Out of Your Head Virtual Week

Sure, you could keep your book idea on the back burner.

But what if it’s the key to changing someone’s life?

You can see clearly how people’s lives can be radically uplifted with the power of words. YOUR words.

Your passion, your deep wisdom, your story – all will have a powerful impact on those you most wish to serve.

Writing that book “someday” might be soon enough. But it might not.

What if all the reasons you’ve put it off were easy to solve?

Join me for a (free!) week of getting set up to finally, really, truly write YOUR book. I’ll guide you in:

    • Connecting powerfully to the real-world outcomes your book will create.
    • Learning how to move purposefully (and joyfully!) from an idea to your completed book.
    • Refining and mapping out your book idea with a flexible outline.
    • Doing the work in small, achievable steps, without having to make writing your full-time job.
  • Discovering how to get the support you need to stay the course, all the way to the birth of your book baby.

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