Book Birth Plan Challenge

Book Birth Plan Challenge

When you’ve decided to write your first book, your fears immediately pop up to tell you why it won’t work.

You’re worried about things like:

  • What if my writing is actually terrible?
  • How do I keep up my writing momentum when life gets crazy?
  • How do I write when self-doubt keeps rearing its head?
  • Hasn’t someone else already written this, and probably better?
  • How on Earth do I start?

Creating a solid plan for the birth of your book is a way to calm your fears and allow you to use your writing time productively.

I can help. I’m Nikki Starcat Shields, your book midwife. I’ve birthed (and published) four books – and counting. Through my work on my own books and those of my clients, I know how to set up a book birth plan that will guide you safely along your journey.

There’s no need to struggle all by yourself as an author-to-be.

This 31-day challenge will guide you through the process of making a solid plan, and starting to actually write your book baby into being, this season.

Through inspiring emails and writing prompts, backed with the support of a community of other authors-to-be, you’ll ease into your best writing process. Ready to be nurtured and supported to make your book HAPPEN?

$31. for 31 days (less than the coffee you’ll have in hand each morning).

You’ve got this, book mama. We’ll do it together.