Book Birth Plan Challenge

Book Birth Plan Challenge

Throw out EVERYTHING you think about what it takes to be an author…

Take the 31-Day Book Birth Plan Challenge so you can start where you are and finally write your book.





You’ve been inspired to write a book, but that’s as far as you’ve gotten. 

So let’s talk about it… 

What’s really getting in the way of you turning this incredible idea into a book that you can share with the world?

If you’re like many of my brilliant clients… 

You’re worried you’ll have to change your whole identity and overhaul your life in order to write your book

Your anxious brain is already feeding you the lines:

  • My book idea might actually suck
  • I don’t know how to be a writer
  • I can’t get up at 5am to write this thing
  • I just have no idea where to start

What if I told you that you already 

ARE who you need to be to bring your book to life?

You might think that in order to write your book, you’ll need to follow “The Rules…”

But you and I aren’t like that. We do things our own way. 

So why don’t we find a way to work with your nature… instead of against it?

Hi. I’m Nikki Starcat Shields, your book midwife. I’ve birthed (and published) five books – and counting. Through my work on my own books and those of my clients, I know how to guide you safely along your journey to writing your book.

Not only that – but we’ll have fun.

My expertise is in helping you tap into the wellspring of creativity that lies at the center of your being — so you can write your book with ease and joy.

Because here’s the thing…

The juicy secret that no one’s talking about?

Being a writer isn’t something you have to become…. Because you already ARE the writer you need to be in order to birth your book.

Our mission is to bring all of YOU to the page — and make the creation of your book as joyful, easy, and natural as it should be.


Instead of contorting yourself to fit a box… 

Learn to discover the stories, wisdom, and inspiration that reside within you.

I’ll help you bring your new identity as a writer to life, step by easy step. You’ll build a customized plan for bringing your book into the world.

How is this different from your standard book-writing plan?

  • Most traditional book plans just give you a structure. They don’t help you fit writing into your existing schedule, capture your creative ideas, move through stuck places, and slay those pesky self-doubts.
  • This plan is customized for you, by you, to fit your lifestyle. You’ll be guided to discover the best writing practices for YOU.
  • You can get direct answers to your questions along the way, by posting in the Book Birthing Center, a vibrant community of aspiring authors.

There’s a different, better way of doing this. The Book Birth Plan challenge is the antidote to boring plans. 

It’s a magickal way of setting yourself up to succeed.

Introducing…The 31-Day Book Birth Plan Challenge

This 31-day challenge is like discovering a treasure map to the wellspring of creativity at your heart.

Let’s tap into the power of your imagination – which is a powerful way to approach your book.

Becoming an author doesn’t require 

a huge reorganization of your life.

You already have the seeds of what it takes to write your book – you just need a little help with shaping it. 

As you work your way through this challenge – in just 15-20 minutes per day – you’ll come to understand that you already have the ability to write a book.

In fact, you’re the only one who can bring your unique creation to life.

You’re not only birthing a book, but also a version of you with the ability to bring this big idea into the world. 

There’s no need to struggle all by yourself as an author-to-be.


This 31-day challenge will guide you through a creative process of making a solid plan (your treasure map!), and starting to actually write your book baby into being, this season.

Through inspiring emails and writing prompts, backed with the support of a community of other authors-to-be, you’ll ease into your best writing process.

Ready to be nurtured and supported 

to make your book HAPPEN?


$31. for 31 days.

You’ve got this, book mama. We’ll do it together.




“I really like the way Nikki guided us in a soft and gentle manner and gave us the space and the tools to craft our writing practice. She breaks it down in achievable and clear chunks and I love the woo-woo she brings to it, too. 

“She has depth and knowledge when it comes to the transformative properties of writing and how to guide her clients to deep shifts and enduring understanding of the process. It was a fantastic experience and helped me start on my path to become an author.” – Andrea Parker, Intuitive Business Guide and Educator, Founder of The Rejuvenation Grange

Wondering what we’ll cover? Here’s a sneak peek…

  • Day 2: Uncover the “Big Why” behind your book, which will keep you motivated and focused when your fears raise their ugly heads.
  • Day 12: How to keep your rebellious, wild, creative soul from ditching your book halfway through the writing process
  • Day 18: Mapping out your book’s content – so you’re not just looking at a scary blank page when you sit down to write.

After completing the Book Birth Plan challenge, when you sit down with that blinking cursor, you’ll already know where you’re going. You’ll have a map.

You’ll have confidence that you’re the best – the only – person to give birth to your heartfelt book.

Are you ready?


$31. for 31 days (less than the coffee you’ll have in hand each morning).