Invoking Change

Invoking Change

Invoking Change: the Power of Your Words

a 2-day virtual retreat – start writing the your book that will change the world

May 18-19, 2024

from the comfort of your home, via Zoom, 9:30a-5p Eastern each day

You’ve felt it – we all have. This strange time, full of virus and quarantine, murderous injustice and widespread protests, change and uncertainty, fires and storms – it heralds a huge change in our shared societies.

You might feel powerless, swept along in the flow of grand changes.

If you’re paying close attention to the news and world events, it feels pretty horrible. 

Like you’re just a tiny cog in the machinery, and your longing for change is just a pipedream.

But rest assured, your power-from-within is fully intact. 

Your contribution to the awakening of consciousness is essential.

No, you can’t single-handedly defeat racism, illness, hypocrisy, injustice, sexism, environmental destruction, or abuse.

Yet your contributions aren’t just significant – they are vital! 

Your wisdom, your insights, your stories, and your energy are a much-needed part of the collective.

The power of your words can change worlds.

Calling in the forward-thinking entrepreneurs, the wild creatives, the wise healers…

The thing is, you’re not a typical activist or change-maker. You’re WAY outside the box.

You need to do this your way, with connection, inspiration, joy, collaboration, and magick.

This means upgrading the way you think about changing the world

It doesn’t have to feel heavy. In fact, your brand of magick, joy, and wild creativity are just exactly what we need.

This retreat represents a permission slip to be wild and free. You can do things differently. You can access your creative wellspring, rather than stay buried under layers of ancient should-do and must-be.

You want to be part of the solution. 

You desperately want to use your words and your wisdom to create change. 

And yet…

Wait – write my book in the midst of uncertainty? How does that work?

Your doubts are valid: 

  • How can I create change for the world when my own life is in upheaval?
  • I’m just treading water, here – what more can I possibly add to my plate?
  • The state of the world is so overwhelming that I don’t know what to do.
  • I’m not sure my wisdom is helpful, or if I even have any at this point.
  • Just pulling myself out of bed takes Herculean effort these days. How am I supposed to write a whole book?
  • … And how am I supposed to make it awesome? 

I’m here to tell you that these things don’t have to stop you in your tracks.

This time of transformation doesn’t have to become a complete sidetrack from your deep callings. Let’s harness the energy of vast transformation and create something powerful.

Take this opportunity to make something magickal from the chaos.

Your words have power

“But I’m just one person. How can my words make a difference?”

Brene Brown is just one person. 

Alice Walker is just one person.

Glennon Doyle is just one person.

And they’ve set the world on fire with their words and their teachings

Best of all? 

You don’t have to be Brene, or Alice, or Glennon…because we all hold a piece of the puzzle. 

We’re in this together and we are waiting for your contribution. 

Those who need to hear your message can’t find you if you keep it hidden deep inside.

Your words have power.

Imagine a circle of co-creators who will help you write your inspiring words…

You’re not the only one who wants to do this differently. This retreat is for the Thriving Artists. Together we craft the sacred space in which we’ll create for two days.

You’ll be gently guided to…

GO DEEP. Get attuned with your soul’s purpose. Craft an intention for your book – and how it brings your purpose to light. 

MINE THE DEPTHS FOR GEMS OF WISDOM. Press pause on the distractions and truly tune in. Enter the creative zone and surprise yourself with what’s been waiting below the surface. 

POLISH YOUR TREASURES. Enter a space where we’ll curate, refine and hone your ideas — together. Craft or refine your outline. Learn tools for bringing this new way of creating back into your hectic daily life.

Waiting is no longer an option. The world needs you. Let’s call forth your life-changing work — together.

Introducing… Invoking Change: The Power of Your Words

a 2-day virtual retreat to call forth the vision, clarify the direction, and kick-start the momentum to write your world-changing book.

May 18-19, 2024

from the comfort of your home, via Zoom

9:30a-5p Eastern each day

In this time of global transition, it’s vital that you bring forth your unique genius. Each of us holds a key piece to the puzzle of building a more conscious, just society.

Your book, where you share your wisdom and stories, forms part of your contribution.

In this weekend retreat, you’ll be held in sacred space and guided to clear away the debris around the creative wellspring


We’ll get centered and enter the portal of creativity consciously, through guided meditation and thoughtful writing prompts.

We begin the first day by getting really connected to the guiding force behind your work. 

From a place of aligned connection, you’ll set an intention for your writing.

Your intention will anchor you to your vision for change. No vague and uninspiring goals here!

There will be abundant time to write.

Each day includes two solid chunks of time where you’ll be working on your book draft. 

When you get stuck, you’ll have my gentle and encouraging guidance.

You’re invited to get in touch with me to work on any challenging spots in real time.  You’ll never be alone over the course of our retreat (unless you want to be). I’m your partner.

We’ll share feedback, inspiration, and encouragement in community.

We’ll set your inspiration on fire through the course of the weekend – and the other attendees will become colleagues who cheer you on as you continue the work afterwards.

During our retreat, you’ll learn to tend your own creative wellspring, acquiring useful tools you can bring back with you into your daily life.

You’ll discover the lifestyle of a Thriving Artist, a conscious change-maker, a well-nurtured activist.

Your words have power.

Join the Thriving Artist revolution!

 By the end of our two days together, you will have:

  • Gained clarity about your message and how to best bring it to life
  • Shifted your energy from vague dread to fierce empowerment
  • Met co-conspirators who will encourage you, shout you out, and share inspired ideas
  • Written a chunk of your heartfelt book, and
  • Gathered the momentum you need to propel your project forward in the days and weeks to come!

Ready to step up as part of the solution that we collectively need?



There are 20 seats at this intimate virtual retreat. 14 spots remain.

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“Having Nikki Starcat Shields in my corner allowed me to go from spinning my wheels for over a year with an idea and a TON of transcribed pages to actually getting my butt on the cushion and a book draft in front of me. Nikki brings love and magic to her book midwifing. She offers kindness where I’d been cracking the whip and curiosity where I’d been judging myself. I had tried forcing my DIY writing process, but it kept fizzling out… With Nikki’s support, I was able to find solutions that worked for my personality and creative process so my vision could finally take root.” – Jennifer Elizabeth Moore, author of Empathic Mastery

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      3. You’ll also get a pdf with power-packed journaling prompts so you can arrive at the retreat feeling focused, clear, and grounded.

Your guide for this transformational experience…

Hey there! I’m Nikki Starcat Shields — author, book midwife, and licensed Pagan priestess.

I’m the author of five published non-fiction books, one of which came out in 2020 – yes, despite the pandemic. 

Writing is one of my main passions and callings. Yet it took me literally years to finally begin writing the book ideas that kept nagging at me.

I know from personal experience how overwhelming life can be, and how it can feel like your ideas just don’t matter.

But the thing is…they do.

Just like you, my clients are writing books that change the status quo. Your book isn’t just any muggle book. You want to craft lasting change. You need an approach that involves deep magick and profound inspiration.

I’m building a community of Thriving Artists, and we welcome you to the table. 

The way we change the world for the better? One step at a time, with creative inspiration, together. Let’s do this.

Your words have power.

“Nikki is the real deal – she walks her talk, and does it firmly and with true backbone, but is also somehow one of the softest, warmest, and most genuine people I’ve ever met. She CLEARLY knows her stuff, and is a benevolent leader and teacher, able to REALLY well communicate and break down even formerly daunting info, so it feels do-able and manageable. Nikki exemplifies the inner work – always feeling grounded, calm, and radiating heart energy.” – Britt Bolnick, In Arms Coaching

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Book Now Talk to Nikki

There are 20 seats at this retreat. 14 spots remain.

Use the buttons above to secure your place immediately OR book a 15-minute Zoom call with Nikki to discuss if this retreat is right for you

“I really like the way Nikki guided us in a soft and gentle manner and gave us the space and the tools to craft our writing practice. She breaks it down in achievable and clear chunks and I love the woo-woo she brings to it, too. She has depth and knowledge when it comes to the transformative properties of writing and how to guide her clients to deep shifts and enduring understanding of the process. It was a fantastic experience and helped me start on my path to become an author.” – Andrea Parker, Intuitive Business Guide and Educator, Founder of The Rejuvenation Grange