Parallel PlayDates

Parallel PlayDates

Parallel PlayDates: Because Creativity Is NOT a Luxury

This is a bizarre time we’re living in. The global pandemic, political divisiveness, people being killed in the streets, societal change & economic uncertainty. It’s causing a lot of fear and anxiety. 

At the same time, many of us are at home a lot more, with more free time than usual. 

It’s an opportune time to explore your creativity. Write that book, learn to knit, get out your art supplies.

But how do you focus when things are so crazy out there?! 

Why Play Matters In This Moment of Chaos

Creative play is key for staying sane in an uncertain world

Endless social media scrolling and constant news checking isn’t good for you. Living in a state of fear and stress 24/7 is not serving you or anyone else. It makes you MORE susceptible to illness, it keeps you from sharing your gifts, and it’s a waste of your precious time and energy. 

Joy and creativity are NOT luxuries. They are part of what keeps us going. 

Creativity helps you focus on the present moment and release your fears. It’s an outlet for wild emotions. It’s a way to access the intuitive part of you that holds deep wisdom, for you and for all of us.

If you could take this time-outside-of-time and use it to create something that will make the world – or your corner of it – a better place, while helping you manage your fears – imagine how powerful that would be.

Let’s do this, together. I’m hosting a series of weekly virtual sessions called Parallel PlayDates. 

Parallel Play is when toddlers play side by side, but are pretty much doing their own thing. Have you seen this? It’s super adorable – and they are learning and getting inspired as they sneak little sideways glances at what the other kiddos are up to. 

While our sessions are for adults, we’ll play together, doing our own creative thing in (virtual) community space, letting our inner children play freely. 

“The Parallel Playdate – what a brilliant invention! Nikki deftly leads creatives in pursuing their own projects alongside others in a weekly virtual gathering. I love interacting with like-minded people, talking about what we are focusing on, engaging in the meditation Nikki leads us through, and then working on my writing, my art, or any other thing that might be calling me creatively. One participant even used the time to garden!

“It’s so nice to have the structure and place set up, where I know I’m dedicated to following my muse, right alongside others. The collective energy is uplifting and fun – I love that we check in at the end and reflect on how our time has been.”

– Megan Austin Oberle, The LOA Fool

How It Works

I set the space at the beginning of each session with a guided meditation that helps you get grounded and aligned, so you can put your fears aside for a time. There will be a prompt to help you enter into your creative zone.

Then we’ll create together in our virtual Zoom room, keeping the text chat going for inspiring side conversations. At the end of the call, we’ll check in with one another to see how it went. 

You can work on whatever type of creative project or learning lights you up

What You’ll Walk Away With

  • Having this sacred container will help you with motivation, focus, and making time to create regularly
  • You’ll receive connection and inspiration from fellow creatives. 
  • There are even (optional) homework assignments – I call them Quests! – to keep you inspired between calls. 

How to Join the PlayDates

A subscription to the Parallel PlayDates is just $33. per month.

That gives you access to each of the 4 PlayDates in a given month. When do we typically meet? Check out the latest schedule.

If you have the time and passion to participate but you’re in financial difficulty, message me and we’ll work it out.

The Parallel PlayDates series is free for my current clients.

Subscribe now via the PayPal button below. Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive a schedule with upcoming dates. You’ll get an email each Wednesday evening with that week’s Zoom call details.


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