Vision Board PlayShop

Vision Board PlayShop

with Nikki Starcat Shields and Brent BlackLion Nelson

Tuesday 12/29, 4-6pm Eastern on Zoom
free for current clients & Parallel PlayDate subscribers)

The past year has been unlike anything we could have envisioned. Some people who normally create annual vision boards are wondering if they should even bother this time.

How can we manifest our dreams when things are constantly changing?

Are vision boards still useful during times of uncertainty?


A vision board is more than just a personalized catalogue of the things you want.

It’s a representation of what your inner being most desires. It’s a focal point for your energy.

For example, if you had travel on your vision board for 2020, and that got postponed during the pandemic, look to the deeper reasons you wanted to travel: a feeling of freedom, exploring new cultures, sparking inspiration.

Those feelings are what you’re going for when you envision your new year. 

And you can ABSOLUTELY focus on calling them to you in the new year!

By crafting your vision board in sacred space, in alignment with Source, with other co-creators, you’re harnessing the power of positive creation. 

It only takes a small percentage of people to create widespread change for the better. This is the sacred work that will help uplift human consciousness.

How It Works

In this Vision Board PlayShop you’ll channel inspiration about who you most want to become. You’ll uncover people, places, things, and experiences that will enhance your life.

At the beginning of the PlayShop, we’ll take you on a guided journey that will help you clearly envision your dream life, and then craft an intention using your visions.

While you fill your vision board with what you’re wishing to manifest, it’s truly the deeper feeling behind those things that is key.

The feelings, such as ease, joy, and love, are more universal – are always on point, uncertainty or not.

By creating a vision board, you’re holding space for yourself to fulfill your wildest dreams. 

When we create those visions in community, we hold space for one another, which makes your impact even more powerful. 

Join the circle of Thriving Artists and conscious co-creators as we empower our visions for 2021 and beyond!

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When: Tuesday 12/29, 4-6pm Eastern on Zoom
Cost: $44

(free for current clients & Parallel PlayDate subscribers)

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